PowerSchool Archive Report Cards

Revised 11/04/2008


1.    Using Firefox, login to PowerSchool

2.  Start Page

3.  Select desired students

4.  Select a Function>Print Reports

5.  Select desired Report Card Template

6.  Click Submit

7.  Report Queue-My Jobs is displayed

8.  When report completes, hold Control Key while  clicking View

9.  Select Save Link As…..

10.        Appropriately name the file keeping the .pdf extension.

11.Save to Desktop

12.        Format: Portable Document Format (PDF)

13.        Click Save

14.        Congratulations!  The Report Card PDF is now saved to your desktop.

15.        Create a new folder on your desktop to store the Report Card PDF for each quarter.  At the end of the year, you should have a complete set of all Report Card PDFs.  Follow the steps below to burn this folder to a CD-R.



Save the Report Card PDF to CD-R Disk


1.    It is recommended to use CD-R disks when saving important files.

2.  Insert the CD-R disk in your “burning” computer.  

3.  A window will appear, “You inserted a blank CD. Choose an action from the pop-up menu: Open Finder.”  Click OK.

4.  On your desktop a new icon will appear.  “Untitled CD” is its default name. Drag the folder containing your Report Card PDFs and drop it on the “untitled CD” icon.

5.  Open the “untitled CD” icon. Select and double click.

6.  A window opens entitled “Untitled CD”.  A bar will appear with the words “Recordable CD” on the left and “Burn” in a button on the right.  Click Burn.

7.  A window will then open which will allow you to name your CD.   (Example: FY09 Report Cards)  Click Burn.

8.  When the CD icon reappears on your desktop with the new name, the burn process has completed.

9.  Congratulations! You may now eject the successfully recorded CD.