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PowerSchool for Teachers



PowerSchool for Substitutes



PowerSchool for Students



PowerSchool for Students is not available until the first day of school.




PowerSchool for Parents/Guardians





PowerSchool for Parents/Guardians is not available until the first day of school.




If you need PowerSchool login info, please send an email message to




Include your name, the student’s name and your relationship to the student in the email message.

If you are listed as a contact for the student, you will get an email reply, usually within 5 business days, with PowerSchool login info.




 FERPA guidelines will not allow us to give PowerSchool login info via the phone.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

(FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.





Click here if you are experiencing problems accessing PowerSchool from home


Email request for login information to:parentaccess@habersham.k12.ga.us


Email comments to:ktart@habersham.k12.ga.us