PowerSchool: Substitute Login

Revised 11/15/07


Step-by-step instructions for managing substitute login settings.

  1. Start Page

2.     Select School under Setup in the left menu items.

3.     Select Sub Login Settings

4.     Enter desired password

5.     We recommend changing the substitute password daily.

6.     Do Not select Include Current Date (click to take check mark off)

7.     Click Submit


Step-by-step instructions for logging in as a substitute.


  1. Launch Internet browser (Safari or Firefox)

2.     Address

3.     Select school from drop down menu

4.     Select teacher from drop down menu

5.     Type password setup by School Data Coordinator

6.     Click Enter

7.     Always Logout when complete


*Note to School Data Coordinators:

Print instructions from help menu on how to take attendance for substitutes to have as reference.